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Let's The Show Begin! LuLu The Piggy carnival parade is coming! LuLu The Piggy is dressed up and play with instruments to celebrate the end of year with you! Come and enjoy the performance LuLu The Piggy ready for you! Spread this joyful festival atmosphere to all around the world!
LuLu The Piggy Celebration Blind Box 🎪
Designs: Contains 8 blind boxes in 1 whole set. Included 8 styles, 7 and 8th style may have a chance to be a special/secret edition.

Lulu the Piggy Celebration Series Blind Box - Toyzeroplus

SKU: 0003
  • 1. There are 8 regular designs and 2 hidden designs to collect.

    2. The production ratio of general hidden mini-figure (Mascot) is 1/32, and the production ratio of super hidden mini-figure (Alpacas) is 1/96.

    Product Content: Each blind box contains one mini-figure and corresponding ID card.

    Brand: Toyzeroplus

    Material: PVC, ABS, Paper

    Size: About 2.4" - 2.8"

    Age: 15+

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