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Although Lulu can attract people by acting cute, he decides to work hard. To be able to eat more, Lulu is working out so hard! Are you ready to burn your fat with LuLu?
LuLu is getting serious this summer! By wearing a headband, he is shocked with his serious and motivated face. Follow the dynamic beats and moving-up on Friday together.

Designs: Contains 8 blind boxes in 1 whole set; included 7 styles + 8th design may be repeated or a special/ secret edition.
Size: approx. 6-7CM tall
Material: PVC/Flocking/ABS/Paper
Manufacturer: TOYZEROPLUS
Made in China

Lulu the Piggy - Fitness Club Blind Box Toyzeroplus

  • Product Content: Each blind box contains one mini-figure and corresponding ID card.

    Brand: Toyzeroplus

    Material: PVC, ABS

    Size: Height about 2.4" - 3.2"

    Age: 15+

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