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予約品 Pre-Order Mighty Jaxx Death Star By Zombi Makeout Club


Fueled by the enigmatic allure of the dark universe of Zombie Makeout Club created by artist Peter Richardson, Death Stare is the reincarnation of Peter’s hauntingly beautiful creation. Bearing a heavily gorepunk-inspired aesthetic, brandishing a spiked bat and armed with a stare as deadly as her intent, this collaboration with Zombie Makeout Club presents a macabre feast for our collectors like no other.

Read about the artist behind Zombie Makeout Club here.

Comes with a Glove with Print with Every Purchase

Prototype shown, final product may vary.


9.5" Tall Polystone Art Toy

Limited Edition Size of 300


Zombie Makeout Club


Meet the visionary artist behind Zombie Makeout Club's macabre charm, Peter Richardson. Renowned for his unique blend of horror, humor, and heart, Peter takes us on a thrilling journey through the twisted corridors of his imagination. As the creator driving Zombie Makeout Club's eerie allure, Peter’s took his artistry to the next level with his incredibly popular underground webtoons series.

Pre-Order Mighty Jaxx Death Star By Zombi Makeout Club

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