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Embark on a tantalizing culinary adventure! 🍖🧀 Join LuLu the Piggy 🐷 as you set off on a thrilling journey through Pigchelin Restaurant!


The deep sea calls, adventure sets sailLuLu Pig has returned triumphantly from her ocean adventureLuncheon meat and pig farmers, do you want to hear the amazing experience of LuLu pig?

It seems that LuLu Pig’s friends also want to meet youTake advantage of this summer to go deep into the ocean and explore the secrets of the deep sea ~Maybe something unexpected will happen under the sea



🍷️LuLu The Piggy - Ocean Blind Box Series🐷 

Price: jpy 2900.-

Available on 20th December 2024 HKT12:00PM

Designs: Contains 8 blind boxes in 1 whole set. Included 8 styles, 7 and 8th style may have a chance to be a special/secret edition.



*The styles inside LuLu The Piggy - Ocean Blind Box Series are randomly packed, with one design per box and kept confidential until opened. The probability of regular style is "1:8," while the hidden style have a probability of "Small Hidden 3:96, Big Hidden 1:96".

*Prototype was shown. Final product might be slightly different.

*Minor defects in coloring and watermarks are normal.

*TOYZEROPLUS reserves the right for final decision.


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Ready to ship Lulu the Piggy - vintage teddy with keychain Blind Box Toyzeroplus

  • Product Content: Each blind box contains one mini-figure and corresponding ID card.

    Brand: Toyzeroplus

    Material: PVC, ABS

    Size: Height about 2.4" - 3.2"

    Age: 15+

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